The above preamble and the information and services of the website of the first party and any annexes attached to the contract are an integral part of it.


The first party provides its services to the second party and subscribers through its website. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Appointment booking

- Tax invoice

- Payment through bank accounts

- Customer relationship management application

- point of sale system

- The geographical location of the service provider

- Advertisements directed to customers by location, age group and gender

Other services to be added later

In return for the second party's commitment to provide rewarding discounts to subscribers on the first party's website, by deducting a percentage of the fees for the services it provides.


These services are provided free of charge to the second party for a full year, then the service provider subscribes to one of the packages through the first party's website.

• Prices for packages are displayed directly on the site.


Payment method:

Each subscriber of the first party will pay the value of the service through the payment methods accepted by the second party in cash after deduction, as agreed between the parties and before providing services.


The contract is valid for one year from the date of signature by both parties and is automatically renewed for a similar period unless one of the parties informs the other party that it does not wish to renew it 30 days before the date of the expiry of the original period by an official letter.




If one of the parties fails to fulfill its obligations under this contract, causing obvious harm to the rights of the other party, the injured party must submit a written notification to the other party informing him of lifting the damage inflicted on him within a period of 30 days after that, he has the right to cancel the contract if the damage continues.


In the event of a force majeure circumstance that is beyond the will and makes it impossible to implement this contract, the work of the contract shall be suspended until that circumstance has passed, bearing in mind that the affected party submits a written notice to the other party explaining this.


With the expiration of this contract or its cancellation, all the responsibilities of the two parties towards each other and the beneficiaries of the first party end, except for the cases in the internal departments of hospitals, dispensaries and inpatients, which were entered into the hospital before the end of the contract and until the end of the prescribed treatment period and the second party becomes the only responsible before its clients.


The second party is not entitled to refuse to cover any contributor before the end of the contract for any reason.


In the event of any dispute arising between the two parties regarding the implementation of the provisions of this contract or its interpretation, it shall be resolved amicably. Arbitration is final and binding on both parties.


If one of the parties wishes to terminate the contract before its date, he must send a letter explaining the reasons for canceling the contract,

If the reasons are not convincing, he must wait until the end of the contract term and comply with the terms agreed upon in this contract or any attached letter.